The Buchhorn Witch

The Buchhorn-witch was an idea of Josef Feuerstein in 1949. Josef Feuerstein's heart beats ardently for the "schwaebisch-alemanische Fasnacht" (an old type of German carnival in South-West Germany). The Buchhorn-witch is consequently the oldest group within the carnival club "Seegockel" of Friedrichshafen. The first appearance of a Buchhorn-witch was on "Gumpigen Donnerstag" (a special Thursday on this time period) on February 24, 1949.

The mask is carved of one piece and was created by sculptor Ziegler. The broad and malicious grin and the marked cheek and eyebrow part is characteristic of the Buchhorn-witch.
The witch wears a black scarf printed with colored flowers and a black and red chequered blouse fastened with wooden buttons. The skirt is black. A blue apron with violet and white vertical stripes is tied over the skirt. Lace Underpants, red stockings, black gloves, shoes - made of straw - and a witch's broom are also part of a Buchhorn-witch's attire.

Picture and text are kindly provided by Narrenzunft Seegockel