The tugboat Buchhorn

The tugboat Buchhorn with the airship LZ III around 1905.
The tugboat Buchhorn I was the first steamship which was delivered from the engineering works Kuhn from Stuttgart to the Royal Wuertemberg State Railroad. The steamship made its first duty as a ferry and after the year 1900 as tugboat for airships. The Deutsche Reichsbahn took the ship over on 1920 and put it out of action in the year 1928. The Reichsbahn broke it up in the same year.
Put into service: 1891
Home port: Friedrichshafen/Wuerttemberg
Owner: Kgl. Wuerttemb. Staatseisenbahnen
on 1920 Deutsche Reichsbahn
Manufacturer: Maschinenfabrik Kuhn, Stuttgart
Length: 16.50 m/54.13 ft
Width: 03.20 m/10.5 ft
Power: 90 HP
Speed: 17.0 km/h; 10.56 miles/h
Capacity: 30 Persons
Out of action: 1928
The successor of the tugboat was a motorship with the same name. The Deutsche Reichsbahn put it into action in the year 1928 as working and fire guard boat. It was built-up in the Bodan-shipyard in Kressbronn and was confiscated from the Allied Forces as reparation in the year 1945. The ship was transported to an unknown destination.

Picture and text were kindly provided by is a private initiative of friends of the seafaring on the Lake Constance.