Buchhorn from Braunschweig to Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA

Karl Buchhorn came from Börnecke (Blankenburg) and lived many years in Braunschweig (Brunswiek). His profession was joiner.
Karl was 29 years old as he arrived Ellis Island on November 27, 1923. He came with the ship "Resolute" from Hamburg. His target was New York. His cousin Paul Froese lived already there. He resided in Asbura Avenue in Asbury Park.
His wife Sophie Buchhorn lived until her passage in Wendenring 17 in Braunschweig. She arrived New York with the ship "Stuttgart" on February 07, 1925. Her target was also Ashbury Park in New Jersey were also Karl probably lived. Sophie was born in Essenrode (Lehre) on March 10, 1894 and was a born Perschke.
Sophie's father was Albert Perschke and the parents of Karl were: Karl Buchhorn, born in Blankenburg on December 07, 1870 and Marie Heineke, born in Börneke on December 15, 1871.
Who has more information about this family and their descendants?

  New Jersey, USA
Karl Buchhorn im Hyde Park in New York

Karl Buchhorn (standing) with a friend in the Hyde Park at New York.

   Carl Buchhorn im Hyde Park in New York

The wedding phote of Hermann und Berta Buchhorn. Hermann was the brother of Karl Buchhorn. Karl Buchhorn is carrying a bottle in his hand and stands in the top row. On the left side of the bride sits Marie Buchhorn. The daughters Helene (A born Perschke?) and Anna are left from her.

In spite of untiring efforts it was not possible to get further information. So I tried to find something about the Froese family. The data base of Ellis Island offers a lot of information and also about this family.

Paul Max Alexander Froese emigrated together with his wife Anna, a born Perschke (!!!!), to the USA. They arrived New York on September 09, 1909. Paul Froese was 27 years old and Anna was 18 years old. Both were born in Lichtfelden in Westprussia (Hmmm?). As home address was Paul's father Jacob Froese in Sandhof, Westprussia, probably Marienburg county, mentioned. Unfortunately are the handwritten entries in the passenger lists hardly to read and so can I only guess were their last residence in Germany was. It looks like Linenthal or differently.
Anna has born a son on May 05, 1910. His name was Harry. Harry Froese lived in Belmar not very far away from Asbury Park but in New Jersey until he passed away in September 1980.

Their destination in America was Paul's brother in law Johann Perschke in Asbury Park. Johann Perschke emigrated to America in 1906. He arrived New York on October 10, 1906. His last residence in Germany was Berlin but he was also born in Lichtfelden.

It becomes more and more mysterious. That's why I ask again: Who knows more?

A new supplement. Johann Perschke travelled to his old homeland at least two times.
The ship "Graf Waldersee" casted off in the harbour of Hamburg on September 22, 1910 and arrived New York on September 22, 1910. The 32 years old Johann Perschke was onboard. His destination was his brother in law Paul Froese, who lived in 404 ??? (Streetname is unreadable. Could be Main Street.) in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The reason for Johann's travel was his father Ferdinand Perschke from Rosenthal (Westprussia?). Johann Perschke is described in this list as "Non Immigrant Alien"

He came back from another travel to his homeland on May 29, 1923. He started his return in Hamburg on May 19, 1923, but he was a crew member this time. He worked as assistant steward on the ship "Mongolia".

Ever and ever the same question . . . Who knows more?

Huge thanks to Mrs. Bette M. Epstein. Mrs. Epstein is a member of the New Jersey State Archives and could provide a lot of information.
My gratitude also goes to Mr. Kurt Wolter. His roots are closely linked to the Buchhorns from Blankenburg. He was kind enough to provide the pictures of Karl Buchhorn.

Wolfgang Buchhorn July 06, 2014