The Buchhorn's in search of a new home

    Unknown Buchhorn emigrants.    
    Buchhorn from Eickel to Canton, Ohio, USA    
    Buchhorn from Stettin to Toledo, Ohio, USA    
    Buchhorn from Murrhardt to Brutus, Michigan, USA    
    Buchhorn from Burgdorf to Pigeon, Michigan, USA    
    Buchhorn from Braunschweig to Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA    
    Buchhorn from Stangenberg to Eden, California, USA    
    Buchhorn from Königsberg to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA    
    Buchhorn from Bremen to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA    
    Buchhorn from Blankenburg to South-West Africa    
    Buchhorn from Hannover to Stepney, London, Great Britain    
    Bockhorn from the municipality of Hambergen, via London to New York    
    Buchhorn to Brazil    
    Buchhorn from ???? to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil    

In the case you would have further information about these families would it be very kind of you to share it with me.
Pictures for the following pages would be a valueable enrichment.

Wolfgang Buchhorn 05 October 2014
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